Colloque "The Archive as Project"

13-15 mai 2011, Centrum Kultury Nowy Wspaniały Świat, ul. Nowy Świat 63 w Warszawie.

May 13th

9:30-12:50 The Archive in Theory I

  • Sven Spieker (Oxford University), Entropic Archives
  • John Tagg (University of London), The Camera and the Filing Cabinet
  • Helen Petrovsky (Russian Academy of Sciences), Matter and Memory in Photography
  • Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez (EHESS), Living Archive: The Performative Potential of a Document

13:00-14:30 The Archive Looking Awry I

  • Archives of Disputed Histories: Ariella Azoulay (Bar Ilan University) and Akram Zaatari

15:30-17:50 The Institutional Perspective I

  • Miklós Tamási (Open Society Archives), The Open Society Archvies’ Photographic Collection and the Fortepan Initiative
  • Anita Nilsen (Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo), DEXTRA Photo. A Commercial Photo Bureau and a Museum Collection
  • Grayson Dantzic (APAG), The American Photography Archives Group Zuzana Meisnerová Wismer (Langhans Gallery), One Name – One Place – One Theme
  • Karolina Lewandowska (Archeology of Photography Foundation), Siting « Archival » NGOs

18:00-19:30 The Archive Looking Awry II

  • Documentary Photography and the Archive: Wojciech Wilczyk and Iwona Kurz

May 14th

9:30-11:40 The Archive in Theory II – The “Digital” Archive

  • Wolfgang Ernst (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin), Archive, Storage, Entropy. Tempor(e)alities of Photography
  • Nina Lager Vestberg (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Places, Pleasures, Possessions: the Material World of Archives
  • André Gunthert (EHESS), The Image Bank, archive of the industrial history of photography

11:50-13:20 The Archive Looking Awry III

  • Kisieland – Queering the Archive: Karol Radziszewski and Tomasz Basiuk

14:20-16:20 The Institutional Perspective II

  • Nikodem Boncza-Tomaszewski (National Digital Archives), Digital Archival Practice. Will Digital Archives Be Open?
  • Didier Schulmann (Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou), Why Collect Millions of Photographic Images in a Museum of Modern Art Research Department? The Case of Bibliothèque Kandinsky
  • Harald Østgaard Lund (National Library, Oslo), 80 Million Pictures and the Image of the Norwegian Polar Hero
  • Katarzyna Madoń-Mitzner (History Meeting House), Exhibitions and Presentations at the History Meeting House: Photography as Narrative – Testimony – Creation

16:30-18:00 The Archive Looking Awry IV

  • Archives of the Everyday: Lucia Nimcova and Ewa Klekot

18:10-19:30 Roundtable discussion (chair: Marianna Michałowska, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)